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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  April 24, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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♪ >> we have got to finish at we start. >> this week we two of president obama's reelection campaign. he is still dog by the economy. >> there is no money for schools. these schools are falling apart. the infrastructure is falling apart. >> still is there republican out there who can beat him? alsohe winds of r rebellion continued to flow throughout the middle east. now is sia's turn. >> we rongly condemn the ongoing violence committed against peaceful protesters by the syrian government. >> and how often they are these guys we're flyin >> the supervisor was aware and saw the controller watching the movie. and didid nott stop. >> and didot stop. ♪
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>> well, congress is on spring break, but president obama is not of his campaign, raising big dollars entering town meetings and doing -- including one with facebookounder mark zuckerberg where he talked about requiring the richo pay more taxes. >> that allows people e like me and frankly, you mark, for paying a little more in taxes. >> i am cool with that. >> i know you are ok with that. [laughter] >> let's talk about the president's numbers. in a recent poll, 50% of the voters disapprove of the job he's doing. new york times cbs 57% to not like the way he is handling the economy. 70 cents a we're on the wrong track. another poll 44% plan to vote against it. wall street journal-nbc 64% think the country is heading the wrong direction. and standard and poor's, the
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credit rating agency, it has downgraded its long-term outlook forhe nation's fiscal health from stable to negative. why is this president smiling? > the theory was he could win by default because the republicans had nobody. but all this bad news, actually, i think it's encouraging because it might force him out of his shell and get him to do something. if what he does is just demigod republicans, that is not good. it forces interact on the budget and show leadership, this could be good. >> nina? >> well, standard and poor's shows what the polls show, which is, i think that there's not a crisis actually in the nation's fiscal health of the moment. there is a crisis in confidence in the ability of washington to do something about it. we just witnessed a lot of brinksmanship, and we have a lot more that we are expecting. there is no indication that republicans and democrats in the house, senate, and white house can get this done. >> charles?
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>> the s&p was not a verdict on washington. it was a verdict on obama and the speech he gave 10 days ago that was supposed to be a plan that would be his plan for deficit reduction. it was not a plan. it was a polemic an attack on republicans. on the paul ryan plan, and made it clear that obama has made a bet. is going to run between now and 2012 against the republicans as people who want to throw your granny in the snow. you think he will win on that and then he will deal with debt and deficits in the future but that is why spend that at the adjustment that we're going to go at least two years with increasingly large deficits. and that is very dangerous for the economy. >> mark? >> the republicans gave president barack obama, who is in big political trouble by himself, gave him an opening that no politician could resist. and that was, for reasons that there will have to explain to their grandchildren they raised this issue of privatizing
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medicare one of the truly popular programs in this country. into a voucher system. and that is not only negative among voters it is terrifying to voters. >> let me ask the question though was the president's health care agenda, putting that so high on his agenda, was that a political miscalculation? >> i think you could say it was. the biggest problem with this administration is the one of jobs. and thatemains of their reality. i think that drives everything else. when the economy is that, the economy is the only issue. and that just affects everything. one number that they should be most concerned about was the new york times poll but said 70% wrong direction. we have 70% of the people sing the country is heading in the wrong direction, any incumbent on any level is in political trouble. >> the new york times headline on friday, a new poll shows
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darkening mood across america. across america, but of -- but not on wall street. wall street is doing pretty well. >> it is a little delusional at the moment. it is not want to hear real figure is about the fact that we cannot have everything for nothing. and it does not want to hear that there actually is better news. not great, but better news about ththe economy. there is this sort of false confidence that we can do everything and pay no price. that is just crazy. >> but i am hoping that these numbers show that finally is being called into question. you're absolutely right. america has lived in never-never land of the free lunch, having everytything you want and not paying for it. but maybe these than ever suggest the people, in their own slow way are waking up to the reality that you have to deal with this. >> won it -- whether the head with the president is facing, charles? >> fenty the reason his numbers have gone down precipitously in
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the last couple of months is one thing -- gas prices. unemployment is about the same. the growth of the economy has been at the same sort of slow level. nothingramatic as changed economically except that. and that its peorie right where they live. i always find it amazing that the fed when the government announces inflation rates it is excluding food and fuel. [laughter] well you cannot stay in ipod in your gas tank and run at the car. yes, computers are going down in price, but everybody who lives lives of food and fuel. it is hitting people are. it has had the same effect with other administrations. >> that is right. >> and on that there's nothing the president can do. you can do it step on deck growth and even jobs but cannot do a thing about gas prices. >> i think gas prices are really important, and i think that the grab people's attention. but undering that is that all of the corners of turn, all of
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the dawns were coming but have not materialized. the economy is not better in the sense that people who are a not working, and b, whose wages are stagnant, and i think that is what underlies everything. >> and you know who else was talking back gas prices this week -- donald trump. is he runni
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with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> look at what is going on with your gasoline prices. they're going to e $5 $6 $7, and we do not have anybody in washington that calls opec and says fellows it is time, is over we're not going to do it anymore. >> that is donald trump on "good morning america" with george stephanopoulos. yes, gasoline prices are going up but i do not know that tactic would work with opec. and he says we should reimburse ourselves for having won the
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war, a victim among the spoils. charles, you have been talking about the unseriousness of the donald trump candidacy. you got under his skin. >> i got a call saying donald trump is on the line. so i put on a seat belt and held the phone a foot from my year, thinking that he was going to go into a tirade, considering what i have said about him. what is surprising is he simply called. u.s. rather courteous in composed. he called to make his case for how serious a candidate he is. i did not exactly excepted. when i mentioned the birther issue, he said, well, the media keeps asking me about i and i said, well mr. trump you really are not a victim of the media on this. you raised it. but i must say, he was a gentleman. he had every right to start screaming, and he did not. but because of his demeanor, i amam infering that he is running. if he were not as serious candidate, he would have unloaded on me and found it
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cathartic. but he spent a few minutes made his case to the i am not in any way swayed. i think he remains unserious in the extreme. >> but you think he is serious about running perhaps? >> unserious as a candidate, but there's no doubt the way he interacted with me implied that he wants to run and will run. >> i mentioned at the polls earlier. when asked if there is any potential republican candidate other, voters feel enthusiastic about the category of no one got 56%. mitt romney got 9%. >> that is really not that uncommon at this point in the mpaign. when was the last time th you saw polls early on that said i love everybody? oreos are really enthusiastic -- this is fairly typical. >> we werealking about rudy guiliani and hillary clinton four years ago. >> four years ago 65% of republicans were excited about
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the candidates for president including juliani, john mccain, as well as mike huckabee. and this is a low number. i agree with you that victory has a fragrance all its own. if somebody starts winning a bunch of primaries there will start to emerge and be seen as more exciting. i point out, in spite of donald trump's telephonic retailing of america's premier columnist, 46% unfavorable and 40% favorable. this does not bode well. >> donald trump is a side show. but obama's weak numbers are significicant. the script has been at the guy cannot lose, but that is apparently not true. >> there is a question. if you're sitting in the white house right now, which put vigil tender about which the to joke and are you most worried? what's most worried? i would say somebody like mitch
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daniels or even pawlenty, who is unknown now. he's sort of not distinguished. but if you get somebody without baggage to can make his case, who runs a string of successes in the primaries who gets a little enthusiasm, you do not have to have charisma to beat obama. he tried it and one with it. charisma is not going to be the major issue in this one. >> am worried about huntsman and nobody has heard of him. >> to leave his job at the end of the month. >> i think the odds of improving in the primaries is pretty small, but as a candidate, if he actually got nominated he is a really serious person. he is the untrump. >> the two candidates the white house appeared to be most concerned about based upon the president's own singling them out, mitt romney who he singles out, and as the onion points out, mitt romney is in big trouble for having brought
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health care to poor, sick, old people. and jon huntsman, who was obama's ambassador to china. i would be most concernedf i were in the w white house about mike huckabee. yet the most favorable rating among stall voters. he is overwhelmingly favorable among republicans. he is a perfect match up in temperament to barack obama. he is engaging. he is easy. he is in formal. he is likable and funny. >> also he is not running. >> yes but i would be most worried about him. >> you do not think he is running. >> i do not think so. >> is given no indication he is running. i think is that a great life. i am not sure he would want to sacrifice it for the ordeal of the presidency, which he may calculate he will not win. i would say bit romney would be the favorite if not for romneycare. republicans will have to talk about the size of government
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against obama. and there is obamacare. and the president is a needling all the time romney as or to undermine him, turned to make that case. romney has not made a coherent case as to why he opposes obamacare and of course is a man who invented it romneycare. >> can anybody explain to me why the obama campaign announced in advance that they're going to have a $1 billion campaign? it is not uplifting. it sets a bar that is going to be very hard to reach. >> i think it is to make it feel like it is inevitable, to say, look, i am the incoming it. the net -- those are the incumbent. the opposition is weak. >> one democrat is -- said to me it is to discourage a challenger in the primary against him. >> next, syria.
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>> we're calalling for an end to violence calling for peaceful protests and a politicalal process that can respond to the legitimate needs, interests and aspirations of the people of the region. >> talking about syria. president assad said lifted the nearly 50-year-old state of emergency. but does that mean anything, charles? >> they are calling for an end of the violence. why not say we denounce the shooting of demonstrators in the street in city after city? the administration's policy on syria is incomprehensible. sometimes you have to choose between a strategic ally, like saudi arabia and bahrain and human rights. and you decide ok, i wiwill give up on rights because i have to protect this strategic ally of assyria is an enemy, an ally of iran.
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they sent fighters into iraq to kill americans. here is a regime teetering at ththe edge. there's a genuine revolution, and we're doing and saying almost nothing. it is a scandal. >> has a the state department of pushing for engagement with the syrian -- hasn't the state department of pushing for engagement with the syrian government to weaken hamas and hezbollah? >> it is the same reason that obama spoke so weakly about this in 2009. he had a fantasy of negotiating, which was a fantasy. thus he did nothing. here, they have had this negotiating out of us thought's alliance with iran and hezbollah. it is a fantasy. he sent an ambassador into syria. he has to be withdrawn tomorrow at least at the beginning of estimate of opposition. >> charleston not note that part of mrs. clinton's statement which said it was at the open of the show, actually did denounce
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what was going on in syria. but you know secretaries of state always do these sort of lilittle formal dances that did not mean a lot. what i think probably any administration would realize is that there is a limit to what we can do about syria. you do not want to get so far out there that you are involved in something that you cannot do something abouout. >> well, we're involved in libya, sending drones in now. >> there we have some capacity. some of us on the panel did not figure was a great idea to get involved there either. but at least we have some capacity. in syria we do not have much of a capacity. >> i am envious. i wish i was as sure of anything as charles is of everything. and i would say most important -- >> that is why i am aging so well. and i look so young. >> obviously. the most urgent priority we have is to find jobs somehow, not
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simply for americans which is an urgent priority, but for young egyptians. that is going to determine whether, in fact if this revolution is going to take root in take a positive development. that ishe key. i mean, libya to me, is the worst of american policy. it is strong words and drones will follow. it really is. we're not in, we are in, we are advisers -- i mean, this has all the sound and look of mission creep in the worst possible sense. >> is there hope for syria because assad's wife was sort of westernized and he was an eye doctor? >> because the article in "vogue"? >> we're grasping a small straw but i actually believe that. at least he is open to the -- >> but we get that feeling 10 years of empirical testing and
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he failed everyone and is shooting his people in the street. he is not a jazz-listening whiskey-drinking pro-american dictator w is ready to institute reforms. he is a thug a middle eastern bug of the first order. he is teetering. we should be helping it. >> thank you. message to air controllers stay awake. please [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could yo payi g way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgradtoto verizon fios and get tv, internet andhohone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality hae best channel lineup, more hd, plus the fastest internet in the u.s. and there's no term contract required. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone --
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>> they are there to do its job and there to deter the air traffic and keep us from running into one another. sods to me like they're relaxing and having recreation. >> it is horrifying to me. >> the nation's air traffic controllers at issues. two interesting episodes this week one involving a controlling watching a movie on his dvd player while on duty in ohio. he accidentally keep his microphone and a military pilot heard it and reported it. then there was the first lady's
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airplane that the circle a few times before landing at andrews air force base for fly to close to a military aircraft. 3 3 miles of separation. suppose the 5 miles. i would think the one time he would not want to screw up is when the president or first lady is in the air. >> that is right. and i am sure there are air traffic controllers who do not do their job. but the secretary of transportation, ray lahood, said on television, i am not going to be paying air-traffic controllers to nap. well the fact is that people o work overnight and long ships, particularly when they're by themselves, if we're going to pay them to have a " "lunch hour," why not have them have a nap. doctors at the hospital have a call room. we know, as a fact, that people when they get very sleepy, there is no controlling sleep. the best way to control it is to allow for a 20-minute nap. they have done studies about is. nasa did a study -- >> but not while i am trying to
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fly in, ok? >> if there are two people there, you organize it. you do not let it happen. you organize the data that is the point. nasa did a study for the faa that said pilots on overnight flights or transatlantic flights and their two of them should have a 20-minute nap but they do not allow that. i am sure they have nappes, but they're not organized. >> i have a solution, alarm clocks loud ones, in the earphones. >> when they're watching their dvd -- i am sure he was watching "snakes on a plane" or something like that. >> we have a very sick system actutually. >> totally safe. -- we have a very safe system actually. >> totallyafe. aiairplanes used to fly out of these guys and drop d down when we were kids. in more than a decade, that has not been true. i do not understand why there is a sudden cluster of these stories. is it a freak accident or does
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it signify a bigger problem? >> i think it signifies that we need to pitch into a. >> then we should be. the idea with all due respect to the doctors and their resting rooms and the rest of it i really think what we're talking about is when you work the night shift, you worked the night shift. that is what it is. there is usuallysu a pay difffferential involved. if you make a decision, what you do is you sleep when you get o off and a little before you go on. but i am sorry, nap time with the juice and cookies is not part of the formula. >> but it is science. >> that is why it is called a shift to the huge shift your diurnal read them but you get paid extra. you get $160,000 a year or such as a controller and you should be able to stay awake on that shift. it is not a lifetime shift. it is on and off. >> experts say that people
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cannot really successfully do that shift their rhythms that way. and this is a constant problem on the night shift. >> well, that is the last word. thank you for staying awake for this program anyway. we will see you next week. captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ i'm your biggest fan. you know that. aww. you're the best mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? you're right puggle-wuggle! [ voice on phone ] hey, wiggly.. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, along with that juicy mcdouble. so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. nicely done, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. the simple joy of being smart. ♪ ♪
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